• Oskar Bistro Phnom Penh

    Oskar Bistro Phnom Penh

    Oskar is a casual bistro offering quality comfort food at great value for money. An ideal place to start a night in Phnom Penh.... Read More
  • Khéma La Poste

    Khéma La Poste

    Khéma La Poste sits beside the historic Phnom Penh Post Office built in 1890. In the center of the old colonial quarter we display the “Khéma Vibe” – Serving up good food & wine to great people with no fuss.... Read More
  • Khéma Pasteur

    Khéma Pasteur

    Eat-in and take-out deli offering imported and house made charcuterie, complimented by artisanal cheeses selected by French expert cheese makers.... Read More
  • Puzzles ២ Bistro & Pub

    Puzzles ២ Bistro & Pub

    A trendsetting house for Arts, Food, Live Music, Cocktails & Fresh Beers, Sports & Games lovers.... Read More
  • Pontian Wanton Noodle

    Pontian Wanton Noodle

    All noodles and dumpling skins are specially made in our factory in Malaysia. Pontian Wanton Noodle have been known for its chewy noodles, homemade dumplings and juicy char siew (roasted pork).... Read More
  • Hachi


    Offering a relaxing atmosphere inside Sofitel Phnom Penh, the décor is all inspired from Feng Shui beliefs and Japanese traditions. On the black granite sushi bar, our Japanese Chef prepares the guests’ favorite selection of sushi and sashimi with fish...... Read More