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Mon - Sun (5.00pm-12.00am)

Les Cocktails has created an exclusive array of original cocktails and spirits that have since been favorite by our patrons, made available by our talented and masterful foreign mixologist. Read More

070 890 000

Mon-Sun (8.00am-9.000pm)

Set in the middle of BKK II, YamYam takes you on a journey through the streets of Phnom Penh, grazing on the local Khmer street food and cuisine. YamYam is a casual hangout that serves you the traditional stuff, with a modern twist. Read More

(855) 99 733 388

Mon - Sun (4.00pm - 10.00pm)

Read More

(855) 89 848 959

Tue - Sun (4.30pm - 9.00pm)

Enjoy the fresh air of a cruise ship for a sunset, a dinner or a private event, an output Phnom Penh relaxation Read More

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Mon - Sun (11.00am - 10.00pm)

Japanese restaurants (Buffet order) Read More