Meet The Editors in

Pichpisey Sovann

First off, Pisey does not eat, she munches. The correct time to eat diet food is while she is waiting for her steak to be cooked.


An easy-going omnivore who loves and eats any food offered. Darith’s favourite quote is “you can never go wrong with food”.

Keng Chanbormei

Do not buy me flower Buy me food.

Heng Chanvathtey

They say “you are what you eat”, guess that’s why I’m sweet. A food explorer who only count the memories not calories.

Ros Dane

The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating.

Ly Sophea

eat while you can, at least die eating good food.

Iling Choulong

A girl who believes that life should be lived with good and delicious food that fill your stomach and soul, but does not empty out your wallet.

Nicole Vong

Nicole is a new food seeker who can’t keep up with the same food all the time. Trying different kinds of food is making her happy and weight is not a matter to her.

Dariya Ea

Dariya will probably eat anything and everything. But have zero tolerance for bitter food and bitter people.

Nuprath Keo

Nuprath is a friendly foodie. She loves eating new food because she believes that food build a good mood.

Somet Vimeanrathana

Rathana would eat every food that looks interesting to her, despite not being hungry. Full-time Spicylover and sweet-tooth, part-time little chef in the family.

Nak Socheata

To Cheata, each food has its own deliciousness due to its taste.