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You were my CREAM , and I was your COFFEE , when we poured together……. Read More

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រសជាតិល្អពិតសំរាប់តែអ្នក – Flavored to Excite You Read More

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A drink from Paradise, available on Earth. Read More

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Come to enjoy the fun of beach atmosphere with us. We offer fluffy snow ice, waffle , honey toast and pasta. Read More

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The first Big Apple Donuts & Coffee store opened in May 2007 offering a wide selection of premium DONUTS and beverages. Its distinct donut qualities come from a unique premix formula with a blend of over 20 ingredients, carefully selected chocolates and garnishings. Read More

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We are dessert shop from HongKong, welcome to our shop taste~ Read More


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After expanding branches in our neighboring countries, Uncle Tea has finally found its way to Cambodia and you won’t be let down by what this Taiwanese milk tea brand has to offer. Read More


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Mû Gourmet is a one-stop grocery store and restaurant offering exclusive products from all over the world & the chilliest casual bistro experience. Read More


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TWG Tea is the finest luxury tea brand in the world. Read More