Dessert in

Bayon Bakery

Mon - Sun (5.00am - 9.00pm)

រសជាតិល្អពិតសំរាប់តែអ្នក – Flavored to Excite YouRead More

Rainbow Ice

096 684 7107

Mon - Sun (9.30am - 8.30pm)

Come to enjoy the fun of beach atmosphere with us.Read More

Le Café

011 510 731

Mon-Sun (7am-9pm)

Le Café – is a cozy place where you can drink a coffee with fresh Eric Kayser Pastries.Read More

Uncle Tea

Mon-Sun (8.00am-8.00pm)

After expanding branches in our neighboring countries, Uncle Tea has finally found its way to Cambodia and you won’t be let down by what this Taiwanese milk tea brand has to offer.Read More

Meridiem Coffee Bar

Mon-Sun (7.00am-6.00pm)

Cafe focusing on specialty coffee, cocktails, and brunch.Read More

MU Gourment

023 222 198

Mon-Sun (8.00am-8.30pm)

Mû Gourmet is a one-stop grocery store and restaurant offering exclusive products from all over the world & the chilliest casual bistro experience.Read More

The Garden Café

023 722 067

Mon-Sun (6.30am-10.30pm)

Your all-day dining destination in effortless and comfortable garden settingRead More

Pasteur Day and Night

088 874 9999

Mon-Sun (7.00am-11.00pm)

Bring back all the basics, but with creative twists and a cozy environment.Read More

Kenneth’s Asylum

070 270 859

Mon-Sun (7.00am-9.00pm)

The only cafe/retail/bar. Providing quirky and quality menu; aeropress & cold brew coffee, waffles and burger.Read More

Expressó Coffee and Eatery

081 440 044

Mon-Sun (6.30am-8.00pm)

Expressó Coffee & Eatery commits to providing you the best service and quality of every cup they brew.Read More

Just Coffee & Bakery

069 866 698

Mon-Sun (7.30am-7.30pm)

Just Coffee & Bakery, where high-quality coffee and bakery are provided.Read More

Penguin Dessert Cafe

078 599 108

Mon-Sun (8.00am-8.00pm)

Another dessert house in town which gives you a real taste of its dessert and drink.Read More