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[:en]These 10 places in Phnom Penh offer 3-Course Meal for ONLY 5 Dollars[:kh]ដាច់យ៉ៃមានតែ២ម៉ឺនរៀល ក៏អាចញ៉ាំអាហារ បង្អែម និង ភេសជ្ជៈរួមគ្នា​បាននៅកន្លែងទាំង១០នេះ[:]

[:en]Let us admit, “What do you want to eat?” & “Nah, I’m broke” are usually a part of our daily conversation. Sure, Phnom Penh is city of wonder, showered with ethnicity and diversity of cuisine. However, it won’t matter if we cannot afford any of that food. Therefore, FoodBuzz will… Read More