Chicken Tikka Masala in

[:en]Witness Authentic Indian Cuisine with Haveli – Street 308’s New Exquisite Restaurant[:kh]ប្ដូររសជាតិម្ដងអត់សប្ដាហ៍នេះ? មកសាកអាហារឥណ្ឌានៅ ហាវេលី ឲ្យប្លែកមាត់ម្ដងទៅ![:]

[:en]Street 308 has always been a lively night spot for expats in Phnom Penh when it comes to diversity and ethnicity of restaurants and bars. If you usually wander around there and love trying a fresh exquisite taste, we’ve got a good “spicy” recommendation for you. Introducing the one and… Read More