western food

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Mon - Sun (6:30AM - 10:00PM)

Khéma La Poste sits beside the historic Phnom Penh Post Office built in 1890.Read More

023 221 646

Mon - Sun (12.00am - 11.59pm)

Eat-in and take-out deli offering imported and house made charcuterie, complimented by artisanal cheeses selected by French expert cheese makers.Read More

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Mon - Sun (6.00am - 10:00pm)

Read More

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Monday -Sunday 6:30–10:30PM

Le Broken Plate is a Phnom Penh based resto-bar showcasing an internationally inspired cuisine in the heart of Riverside.Read More

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Mon-Sun (6.30am-11.30am)

An ideal place to start a night in Phnom Penh.Read More

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New established Asian Restaurant & Cafe offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, cafe & drink.Read More

016 302 727

Mon-Sun (7.00am-5.00pm)

Restore One Cafe doesn’t just provide fabulous, tasty food, we are also a training center, with all proceeds going toward education villages in povertyRead More

Mon-Sun (7.00am-6.00pm)

Cafe focusing on specialty coffee, cocktails, and brunch.Read More

012 345 541


Lot 369 is a socially and environmentally responsible cafe and bar in Toul Tompoung, Phnom Penh.Read More

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Mon-Sun (6.30am-10.30pm)

Your all-day dining destination in effortless and comfortable garden settingRead More

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Mon-Sun (7.00am-11.00pm)

Bring back all the basics, but with creative twists and a cozy environment.Read More

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Mon-Sun (6.30am-8.00pm)

“When you think of smoothies, think of Zero Degrees”.Read More